Two gunmen

Date: 3/13/2019

By kalexander92

I was at my job with my fiancée, out of uniform. (I do security at the mall) We went thru a few rooms for a ‘haunted house’ type thing and one room was a clown room (my biggest fear). Another room looked like my grandmothers outdoor porch.. (we live 5hrs away but I lived with her for years. She’s like my second mom- And btw, she’s alive and very healthy) After that: For some reason, we were in a blanket, sitting on an indoor bench. I looked up at the security camera n it was blinking red at me. As I’m looking, a man runs by and yells “he’s running this was with a gun!” So I tell my fiancée to stay still until the gunman passes us. The guy with the gun runs by us and another follows. When they both are out of sight I say to my fiancée “let’s run to the squad room”. So we get up and run the opposite way as the gunmen, hand in hand... then I jilted awake....