From the Ritz to the hospital

Date: 6/5/2019

By Tree3

I was feeling under the weather so decided to pamper myself by staying at the Ritz for a few days. Once there, I became increasingly ill and had to go to the hospital. But the Ritz just brought in their own was really nice. The nurse asked me if I had been eating anything that may be contributing to my illness and I confessed I had been eating a little chocolate. She had me breath into a device that could determine what I had eaten. It was really cool. I was on fluids, and antibiotics and beginning to feel a tiny bit better. Enough to wonder if my treatment was covered by my insurance company. When I asked I was told they didn’t know. I was looking for my health insirance card to call, when my daughter told me that I would have needed to call my insurance company prior to receiving any services in order to be covered. I was thinking how ridiculous that is given I was delirious and not really aware of what was even happening! Then I woke up.