Evil mascots and broken carnival rides

Date: 6/3/2017

By pansexualpirate

so I was going to a carnival like place with roller coasters and other things with a friend. We were walking around when there was an explosion on one of the rides it's caused chaos and I almost died but then I got tackled to the ground by a dog mascot and it hid me in a pile of leaves saying "Stay here and no matter what don't come out you should be safe but if you get trampled remember me" He took off the dog head reveling a guy with blondish- brownish hair and gorgeous eyes I didn't speak I just looked at him until he left. I stayed in the pile of leaves until the park like magically went back to normal then I saw these people they were dressed in magnificent gowns and were wearing animal masks I knew it was the mascots so I went up to a girl in a cat mask and this really poofy bluish green gown that had a flowing cape like thing in the back who was handing out candy and (I'm socially awkward) asked for candy she was about to hand it to me when I corrected my self saying I want a picture she laughed an we took a few then I went to go find the other mascots. I had kinda forgotten the dog mask guy until I saw him. He was dressed as a jester now still with a dog mask on I walked over to him he recognized me and quickly took the picture before getting pulled away by the other mascots. He introduced me to them but only by their animals cat, Frog, Bird, and their leader type person was kinda like a kangaroo and a cow they all suddenly got really strange and left. It was awhile later and I asked where the mascots were more specifically the dog mascot almost everyone said they didn't know so I started looking around for them. Then I saw a dress big and poofy with a bluish green tint to it I knew it was the cat mascot so I ran to the tower like place and started moving up the stairs. For some reason I was wearing roller skates as I went up the stairs and my friend was here now as well. When we were almost up the stairs the mascots looked down and something seemed off about the way they were staring at us even with their masks on. I didn't have a good feeling so I almost ran down the stairs forgetting I was wearing roller skates so I nearly tripped but when I dropped to the ground to take them off I noticed something Camron (the dog mask guy) seemed sad like he didn't want to be there then the mascots started down the stairs I only had one skate off but I freaking dashed towards the door and left when I was outside I took the other skate off and ran. Then I was walking around I saw the mascots and seeing Camron in that sad stat I could practically feel it so I put my head down because I don't like people seeing me cry. For some reason now I was at a table with my friends eating and I looked over again the mascots are still there and the one in the cat mask turns over and sees me I get up and start walking away when I hear some random background person saying " Yeah even if you look at them now they will curse you like you're a criminal" then I turned around to see the cat mask girl coming towards me I scream and run but now I'm being chased by a bunch of boys dressed in black that kinda resemble greasers. I run into a house to see that theyre everywhere in it and it's one of their houses I'm like traped in a bed room that they surround and one steps towards me I quickly grab a guitar and whip it at his face knocking him backwards and then breaking the guitar then I grab the second and last one and hold it up for defwnce. For some unknown reason I ask "Is it fun" they say yes and we somewhat become friends then because earth just wants to fu∉k me over anarchy breaks loose and this group hides me in a pile of leaves then they say "stay here no matter what you should be safe but if you get trampled remember me, who said that" "Camron" I replied as this group shoveled the leaves over my head making it hard to breath I put my hands over my mouth and nose to make it easier and I end up falling asleep. I wake up to someone poking me and almost freak out and scream but then the person that was poking me turns out to be Camron and he covers my mouth so that I don't make noise. "We have to go" he says as he helps me out of the leaf pile them we start running we run for awhile when we get cornered by the other mascots and I speak up "I understand why you did it" I say. they look surprised so I continue "Life gets hard for me too and I just wish I was a pretty and elegant peacock or a peaceful koi fish but if you do what you guys did and actually turn yourself into animals it just gets harder so please don't hurt me or Camron we can help you if you want to stay like this or of you want the masks off but don't hurt me or for the love of God him" I finish pointing to Camron who is hiding behind me for protection. It took a moment but then they all took off their masks and just started joking around with us it was actually fun and Camron and I ended up together. (Dreamers note: I guess this would be the moment when I say and everyone lived happily ever after but we're not in a Disney movie so that is not happening)