Date: 5/24/2017

By crossheartcat

i decided to tattoo both arm sleeves into this japanese style, kind of like the sleeves of one of those japanese warrior gear. weirdly the tattoo parlor was one of the classrooms at my college? somehow I decided it should be mostly red. and after I was done, I felt excited but also in the back of my mind a bit confused and doubtful on to why I choose that design. but hey it was on my arms what can I do? next morning I excitedly put on the healing cream and sunblock and decided to show my mom, and the look of shock was shocking to me because I thought she was okay with this. she asked why I didnt tattoo my leg instead, saying now I couldnt go on the beach etc. then when she started crying I felt so bad about everything, bad about myself, that it woke me up.