Drinking, Cheeses, and Darts with my kids

Date: 7/1/2017

By sk8rcruz

Saturday night I was at a bar with Sandy, Cameron, Rick, Moxxie, and some others and we had a table outside. We were all drinking glasses of tequila and playing some kind of highly dangerous large dart throwing game. Sandy was winning. We were getting drunk and hungry. I went inside to get food but all they had was cheeses. I got some cheeses and we all agreed it was bullshit. They closed the bar while we were still out there bitching about the cheese and throwing these darts, destroying the place. We left in a 60s Chrysler with known bad brakes and no seat belts. Rick was driving and I told him to try out the brakes before we got to a red light. I saw a red light way up in the distance. Rick hit the brakes. They squeaked real loud and the car barely slowed at all as we laughed. We went through the red light and kept braking for another block before I woke up.