murder attempt

Date: 2/13/2017

By whatdoesthismean

In a dream within a dream, original dream involved some kind of trip and there were many people in the dream I knew. There was a party before and met this boy who started going out with Ellis, it had been a month since I had had sex Ellis myself. In the dream I'm jealous and texted her to see if she'd still choose me over him once off. She says she'll come over. Someone arrives and I have an overbearing feeling of dread and i know it isn't Ellis, i creep down the corridor in the house i am in and approach the door. From nowhere Nicky mclafferty, a boy from my years ago I went to school with runs at me with a knife and I fight him to the ground and his head gets squished like a bug. Then Pedro D, another boy from school, attacks me from behind but before he can reach me I shout why are you doing this to that he stops. I asked Nicholas why they're trying to kill me. Nicholas says I found out you googled me last week. I explain I seen a class video of him smoking a joint that he'd rolled and he was actually happy then we headed on the trip together and without Ellis.