front teeth falling off

Date: 1/31/2017

By ivandashh

In this particular dream I was sleeping in the dream, I woke up and noticed my two front teeth were very loose to the point where I knew they were going to fall off. I was very scared and worried, I tried to not touch them but it was very hard not to, I touched them so much they came right off and I had to spit them out, this felt so real I had to do a reality check ........... I count my fingers ..... 12 fingers? Counts them again. 16 fingers!? Yup I was definitely in a dream!!! I knew I was in a dream and tried to stay relaxed because usually when I become lucid I get excited and wake up, this time a keep calm. I know it was time for me to do some fun stuff, I got dressed my dad was sleeping in my bed next to me and I thought it would be a good idea to try to put my hand on his forehead and try to see what he was dreaming, but all I really did was squish his head and he almost woke up ...... bad idea. Anyway I got dressed and realized I put clothes on from the 1990s I looked so vintage and cool... I looked outside my window and saw that small like meteors had crashed onto earth and small ponds of fire were made. I remember trying to transport myself in my dream but I couldn't, I think it's because I'm not experienced enough so I knew I had to jump out the window, i don't know why I couldn't have just gone out the front door... All of a sudden I was outside i started to fly up into the sky, It was weird because I had to use my hands to control the flying, I ended up in New York and I literally felt like Spider-Man going through the city I know I dreamed something else after that but it's very hard for me to tell what it was ...