Date: 6/23/2017

By awalker406

I didn't know why or how I ended up in a hospital. I was lying in a ward, where other patients had a range of different emotions. Me. I was emotionless. Some nurses wheel my bed into a surgery room. The surgeons were all prep and ready to go. The nurses hook hundreds of wires under my skin, like little claws. The surgeons began, cutting open my chest with a sharp blade. "Let's have a look here and see what the problem is" one of the surgeons said. I could hear music to the right of me. I turned to the direction, as the surgeons were consulting. There was a big musical box opened, playing lovely soft music with a couple holding each other tight and showing their love for one another, whilst rotating round on a disc. Tears were falling from my eyes with the same neutral expression. I turned to the surgeons, to find their using a massive wooden spoon in my chest, mixing my organs together. I felt nothing but numbness. When he finish, he tap the side of the wooden spoon against the entry of my chest, as if he finished cooking. "I just want this to end" I said to myself. So I try to reach out and grab the leads from the support monitor. As I'm about to finally reach it, a nurse moves the support away from me. "Seem that you've been a good boy, you can have a sticker and a lollipop" the surgeons said. He slaps the sticker on my chest and thru the lollipop in my open chest before they used a massive needle and thread and sewed my chest up. They moved me back in the ward, where I came from. Everyone disappear. I asked the nurse, if I was having any visits today. She shook her head and said "No". She left the ward, leaving me all by myself. I rolled on to my side and shape myself, as if I was in my mother's womb again. I place my hand under the pillow and pulled out a blue book. "Not now" I said to myself, whilst pushing the book back into its hiding spot.