my first lucid dream 😄

Date: 5/5/2017

By mythical_paw

i found myself hanging out with a random dude with a beard and a random dude with glasses. we were looking in the street gutters looking for gutter trolls...? thats when i when i said to them "im dreaming, i can do anything right now" so then I was able to give the random bearded dude an identity as Rhett McLaughlin and the random dude with glasses an identity as Link Neal 😆 "now we just have catch a troll" said Rhett "they live down in the drain grates, we will find one there" said Link so once we found one, me and Link are the ones to bend down and lift off the top of the drain grate because Rhett has a bad back. we dont subject him to any heavy lifting. the three of us climb down the ladder into the big drainage pipe system. On a search to find a gutter troll. After we were walking for a bit we spot a gutter troll home made of sticks and leaves and other such objects that block drains. One walks out... Rhett catches it with long arms and we ran. we ran out toward the drainage pipe ladder, climbed that ladder, then before i knew it Link and I were running down the footpath. Rhett was running behind with gripping the half foot tall gutter troll by its hair. then just a block ahead, the nun from conjuring 2 came round the corner, just a block away, because she wants the gutter troll back. as we were running her face got scarier and more of nightmare and it woke me up... 😐