Burning dolls

Date: 8/2/2017

By AleksandraA

I was at my grandparents house. In the lounge there were 3 dolls dressed in Bulgarian traditional attire. When it was time to eat my grandpa began to fry some meat and my grandma was waiting in the lounge. We ate. I asked why are there dolls here because my grandma in the dream didn't like dolls. My granpa said they are for decoration. The dolls got up from the sofa they were put on and started talking with my grandpa. I became scared and started hitting them with a stick while" shouting demon get out!". They started laughing at me . I begged them to leave because my grandparents house was my paradise. They said we are here for you and I screamed that I do not want them here...their heads started burning and their eyes popped out and melted out of their skulls. I woke up.