Lularoe girl sent me & Kris some leggings

Date: 4/27/2017

By mskatrina85

I can only remember part of the dream, through the haze, but that Ashlee scam girl from lularoe sent this big bag of leggings to me and Kris (to sell?). It arrived at a waterpark we were at, by a man on a vintage bike and cart who delivered things. I took the big bag and put it on a counter, and started looking through at the leggings. I didn't want to admit that they were good looking, tags were on thrm, and I actually wanted to keep a few pairs. There was a note from her but I can't remember what it said. Kris was asking why she would send us anything or help us in any way, instead of her own team. For some reason, I reported it to a high up girl. She must have called corporate because I could hear (in my head) her telling me to join the conference call. I joined in and they were discussing it, all heated as though it was the biggest offense ever. They were talking about how that Ashlee girl continues to be a problem, and that she did that to try to cheapen the brand, in retaliation. I was quiet but rolling my eyes on the call because it seemed over the top that they needed to get the ceo involved. Another scene I remember was then being in Target and asking the lady in customer servie where I could find WIC items. She told me she'd come over to the computer I was at to show me (they had a computer section in there). I was sitting for the longest time when finally she called me over to tell me tht the directory should tell me where WIC was. A lady sitting near my computer asked what I was looking for and I told her the powdered formula. Then we discussed similac vs enfamil.