High fever dream

Date: 3/8/2019

By irnerne

Part 1. Under pressure. I've been walking around at some fair. At some point I check what time it is: it:s almost 2pm. I know I promised my friend O. to spend time with her. As I leave, my brother with his little son comes to me and says that I should stay I feel guilty that I spent so little time with them, but apologize and go. Then out of nowhere comes my cousin and asks to drive her home. I agree, then her father (died long time ago) asks to buy some water, "the best one". The woman at the stand ignores me and then says they do not have it. Now I am very late to meet my friend, so I call her, she yells at me, I begin to explain, crying. At that point I am very aware of me speaking and I share my feelings very emotionally, almost TMI. The end Part 2. One-woman scene. I am at my childhood home, alone. I rush through the rooms chaotically, in very strong fear. Then I stop in the bathroom, look out of the door, and I see on the wall these words: "If you are afraid of going crazy, it's better if you fully dive into that fear." The end.