Date: 4/2/2017

By Simonbee10

I was in the living room with my mother and step father. I sat behind the table in front of the warming thing. Suddenly there was a weird bug under the table. The bug was about as big as those french cakes. It jumped up and made a hole in my arm, at the same time it was inside my arm and crawlednto my body. I paniced and tried to squeesh my upper arm shut, but I lost focus and the bug made it to the upper arm almost besides my shoulder. I stopped for a while and then felt the bug still in the same place. I pushed the bobble in my arm straight to the hole snd the bug came out. I trapped it with something and tried ways of klling it but to no avail. I finally set the gas on fire and burned the bug. Suprisingly enough that seems to work perfectly. I went back and tried to tell my mom of what had happend, but she didn't react. After a while i searched the spot to see if i could find a nest. I pulled the warming box thing up and emidiadtly jumped away because there were 1000nds of bugs. My mother finally reacted and gave me DEO and a lighter. I burned the bugs with it but was scared that the bottle of deo would explode....... End?