abducted by aliens

Date: 1/24/2017

By Tjika

In this dream I was standing in my living room, watching the news with my parents and brothers. On the news they said people were being abducted by aliens. I was really excited and wanted to be abducted by aliens too. I actually said that out load and at that moment a mini UFO came into the room and took me with it in some sort of light beam. I was floating in the lightbeam under the mini UFO, but I could phase through stuff like it wasn't there. I happily said goodbye to everyone in the living room and went with the little UFO into space. There I landed on a bigger spaceship and was greeted by aliens. They were silver coloured with those huge black eyes, in other words mainstream aliens. They told me they had a swimming pool and a library I could use and they gave me an awesome place to sleep. I still have no idea why they'd kidnapped me though. Then I woke up.