Halloween horror nights

Date: 8/22/2017

By karlalilibeth

So I'm pretty excited for Halloween horror nights this year. They have 2 more mazes they need to announce and I have this feeling that IT will be one of them. I believe it so much so that I dreamt about it last night. I was walking through universal studios Hollywood with my family and it was night already. They always build walls around the mazes during construction so we won't see them before horror nights. And that's what they did as well in my dream. Anyway, as we were walking I was trying to guess which ones were what mazes and we came across one that looked just like the creepy abandoned house they built for the new IT movie. Idk why that one was only partially covered. And I got really excited and was jumping around and didn't care what anyone else was saying. Then my mom woke me up to help with something.