The insecure woman, her mean date and the bouquet of garlic

Date: 5/6/2022

By Purple

In my dream. someone I used to be friends with went on a date with a guy who had a checkered past, but turned he life around. This girl I used to know.Macka, has always been struggling with her weight, and is divorced. She had one date with this guy, who seemed nice now. The date is over and they are in touch by phone now, perhaps about to make a second date. The guy complimented Macka who was so insecure, she didn’t believe him. He knew her struggles but wasn’t into games. He countered her self depreciation by complimenting her good points. She thought he was just saying that just to be nice to her. But he was genuinely looking for his good points. He knows that she can lose the weight if she really wanted to. They continue talking on the phone and she continues to self sabotage. They were in the process of making plans for a second date. He continued to ignore how mean she was to herself. He was even thinking of sending her a bouquet of flowers. They met up for coffee and she continued to deface herself verbally. He continued to tolerate her negative self talk and tried to compliment her some more. After the coffee date, they continue to text one another. He was telling a friend of his about what was going on. Even though I was observing this as an outsider, some part of me felt like I was the friend he was talking to. But some part of me also seemed like a third-party observer. This friend/me told him she wasn’t going to change, and that we knew her personality type. He continued to be optimistic. But something happened where this guy started to feel like it was a lot of work to compliment her all the time. Something deep down inside of him changed. He understood and no longer continued to send her compliments. But by now she was seeking them from him. They continued to make plans for another date, but his heart was not into it. The bouquet of flowers that he intended on giving to Macka somehow rotted and turned into a bouquet of garlic bulbs. He then took out anything that was still fresh and left only the rotted flowers and garlic bulbs. I told him it wasn’t a good idea to send that to her, that it would crush her. His patience was worn thin and he decided to send it. Somehow this rotted bouquet became his alter ego and could speak. The next time they were on the phone, he spoke with her briefly. He was numb and didn’t have any more feelings for her. He had given up. When Macka had started to fish for compliments, he put his phone up to the rotted bouquet of garlic and let it speak for him. The voice was different than his, but Macka believed it to be him. It insulted her and hurt her feelings so badly, that this seemed to crush her. This was the umpteenth time she had hope on a date and the date, without her knowing why, was cold and indifferent. Macka would never know it was her own self deprecating ways that turned these men off. Dream ends.