My sisters wrongdoings

Date: 8/25/2017

By missbawg

Aliyah, my sisters pit bull decided to jump onto the top of our fence and when she did she ripped her whole back right leg off and then jumped down. Layed by the side of our old shed dying, now my mom and sister pissed me off. Rachelle didn't want to take her to the vet tho you could clearly see her dying, And my mom always took rachelles side. Animal abuse is the one thing in my life I do not stand for and will doing anything to protect that animal, however when I went to go take Aliyah myself my mom shot me with a sedative needle knocking me out for the next few hours. Waking up mad asf, I ended up beating rachelles ass to the point she was unconscious bc Aliyah could have died . Then took her dog to the vet and got her fixed. Came home and shot my mom and Rachelle with a needle. Although it was a placebo and just made them think they were dying, to make them know what the fuck it feels like.