Dead Girl

Date: 7/14/2017

By Daydreamer123

Apparently I had killed a girl by stabbing a knife through the cheek and out of the other cheek - short black hair wearing an old fashioned dress. *** Me and my mum were driving past these forests to the girls house for a memorial of her (House was big and old fashioned) - I broke down crying saying that I was a monster and that I was going to prison for life We were surrounded by lots of people wearing old fashioned clothes in a green living-room *** I then switched to being Edward Elric as the beach at night with Winry sitting next to me. I rested my head against her and said something about going back in time as Envy and not feeling the same way as Envy did (me) and did not kill the girl this time. We then started to sing a song together which I have forgotten what it was.