Third Dimension

Date: 7/11/2017

By RoamingSpirit

I was part of an organization that was looking for the so called 'Third Dimension'. They defined it as the dimension between the first and the second, the first being our world, the second being the land of dreams. A woman knew the secret to entering the Third. I persuaded her to help me reach it. She did. I fell into a slumber and my spirit travelled to the Third Dimension. It looked like travelling through space at a high speed, around me planets, the sky and the stars. When I reached the location, the world around me was blurry. It looked much like the moment when you rub your eyes and see all the shapes. I couldn't see anything except those shapes and a couple of parts that looked like an abandoned factory. I could barely focus on the world and keep myself in it. I woke up, the members of the Organization happy it worked. I felt weak and realized the time in our world passed much faster than in the Third Dimension. A couple of minutes were hours for me, my body was drained. They insisted I went back there, this time prepared. They hooked me up to machines, looked much like a hospital, to keep my body in shape and they sent me back. This time the world looked much like our own. The Organization could contact me through a small device and they sent me messages, telling me to find the Core of the world. I remember it being some sort of a purple stone. The ones ruling in the Third Dimension started being suspicious and realized I wasn't part of their world. They tried to get rid of me. I made a friend there and he helped me run despite knowing where I came from.