Video Game

Date: 8/4/2017

By Solelaces

I had a dream about an interactive video game that I was watching someone else play. The main character is a mother, who has a young daughter and a boyfriend. Somehow the daughter ends up acquiring a half sister by some means, and bonds with the baby closely. On a bus as the other mother and her daughter are about to get dropped off, the mother for some reason, no longer wants the two children to have any more contact, and tells the girl and her mother not to call or visit anymore, thus breaking the litttle girl's heart (she was crying and I really felt it. It was heartbreaking). Cut to sometime later, the orginal mom is telling her daughter to get ready for her aunts birthday party, and the little girl expresses signs of not wanting to go. Next scene, the mother and little girl and walking down the street and the little girl has face paint on, but is complaining about wanting something else done. At this point it becomes a video game I appear to be watching. They go to a pie shop, and the mother can't find her daughter. She asks the woman who owns the shop where her daughter is and she says she's "sleeping in the back." That's when I take on a character of my own, apparently the girl's sister. I see a group of raccoon getting into a tree outside and ask them where my sister is. They pause a moment, before all pointing in unison at a cupboard behind us. The mom opens it, revealing her dead daughter with her skull cut into. I can only assume the owner of the shop makes her pies of of people (something featured in an episode of teen titans go). This doesn't seem to face the patrons of the the restaurant, who each acquire a knife the kill is next. Thankfully we make it out alive somehow.