>:( dead grass

Date: 8/2/2019

By em2002

July 18 2019 oh my GOD okay so i think i was at this party or smth and it was night i think? i dont remember whos house it was at but i remember we were talking about this girl that Rod was ‘talking to’ and her name was Angela? or something like that (it started with an A) and he mentioned something about wanting to fuck her >:((( anyway i was jealous and mad but i kept quiet from what i remember and i briefly looked @ her ig and just started feeling really really sad and i also briefly remember being like “this is what i get for not wanting sex so he has to get attention elsewhere” and yeah :( made me feel first of all dysphoric and also like i was just a side person he talked to very briefly to get temporary affection or some shit :(((( i also remember going into someone else’s backyard and it was full of dead grass and this little patch of garden that was all dead and yellow and yeah. don't remember what the point of that was