Digital art, As they drove past a restaurant, the lot looked familiar and Haley exclaimed that she had gotten a really good taco from there, which was called Yeah! Taco, and the dreamer realized they had been there before with their family and saw the huge car wash next to it, with a futuristic tall white slanted building boasting a stripe of galaxy purple-blue, which they were all eager to use, though they had to strap their car tires onto a belt that pulled them up at an angle, climb up/slide down glass slides that were impressively strong, and then the dream ended with the dreamer being approached by a lady who instructed her to get a paddle board, made a comment on her flip flops, and asked if she was ready, before the dreamer's mother came to get her.

Yeah! Taco

Date: 7/5/2019

By bluelacy89

I’m very surprised I remember the dialogue for this dream. The first part (I had this part a long time ago) was I was with my family and we went to a restaurant with a huge car wash right next to it. Elliott and I really wanted to go to it but our parents wouldn’t let us. The dream that I had last night: I was with Haley and we were driving around and came across a restaurant. The lot looked familiar. Haley said “I think I’ve been to that restaurant. I got a really good taco there”. I asked what restaurant because for some reason I wasn’t able to focus on it. She said “It’s called Yeah! Taco”. I saw it and said “oh yeah I’ve been there. A long time ago I was with my family and we ate there and there was this huge car wash next to it that we wanted to go in but my parents said no”. Then the car wash appeared I recognized it. Then Haley was gone and I was with my family and we were going to use the car wash. (By the way, this car wash was huge and the building was really tall but slanted upwards. It looked futuristic with mostly white everywhere but one stripe of galaxy purple blue going around the whole building) We had to strap the tires of the car onto this belt that pulled it up the building at an angle like an escalator. There was an escalator for the owners of the car and it took us all the way to the top where our car was waiting for us. There was some way we got back down to the bottom but I don’t really remember. To get out of the building we had to climb up/slide down these slides that looked like they were made of glass. There was a sign that said they could hold granite and diamond. (I’m not sure if it meant that’s what they were made of or they could hold that weight. Either way it was super impressive in the dream). So I climbed up the first one and there was the exit between this slide and the next one. I decided to slide down the other one just because I thought I would be able to climb back up and exit. I went down and it turned out that I was not allowed to go back. I was in this purple circle and there was this lady with big circle glasses (she looked like the lady that works at the chocolate shop I’ve gone to multiple times this week). She told me to go get my board. I didn’t know what she was talking about so I stood there. She said it again and I looked around. She huffed and told me to follow her. We went to the corner of a room that looked like a classroom and there was a pile of paddle boards. I understood then but before I could say anything she asked me if I was ready. She looked at my shoes disapprovingly (I was wearing flip flops) and before she could say anything I told her that I was not there for paddle boarding. Then my mom came back to get me. The end.