Happiness in a laundry room

Date: 2/25/2019

By rettiaj

I lived somewhere in the north of Scotland and had this humongous house all by myself. It was winter and there days were dark, cold, wet and grey. The house was also located in the outskirts of a small town and the neighbourhood was usually deserted. Basically, I couldn’t imagine a worst place where to live. I used only the first floor of the house which had long corridor on which a series of doors opened. I didn’t open them all, however, because it was freaking scary! The house was all dark inside and with only a few actually working lights. It was the weekend so I decided to go out and the city centre was crowded with shopping people. At some point I see some people I know: my high school classmates Francesca, Angela and a guy and a girl whose names I can’t remember. The guy was on a skateboard and he was trailing the others behind him. They were having lots of fun and waved me a smiling hello. I walked on, hoping to see someone else I knew, but there was no one so I took a long walk back home. Once there, I felt super depressed and lonely but then thought about texting Francesca if she wanted to meet up. I was about to do that when I got lost inside the laundry room, where I found an old iPod. I plugged it to the speakers and started listening to 80s rock hits at full blast.