Bothered by a pervert across dreams and a villain with a plan

Date: 4/22/2017

By MysterSky8

Next dream. I was in this room, it was very woodsy and I was with someone. I remember trying to find something to wear. I changed outfits a few times and I even went to mom's wardrobe to find stuff. I remember going to the bed, and this woman gives me stones that are supposed to help with nightmares or bad energy. She gave me two, and I remember not really wanting to trust her, because she reminded me of someone I trusted but in the end my experience with her hit me in the butt and my bank account. After getting dressed mom and I (I don't think it was mom in the house with me, it was someone else) leave and we see this guy looking to buy a car since he just finished paying one off. He picks this car with the high rising door that was like a marble design mostly black with some gray. He offers to give us a ride, and we join him. I remember getting in, but I couldn't sit normally to fit, and I half jokingly and half seriously asked him not to wreck or else I'd probably die. Everyone in the car did not not find this funny. We drive off, and we go somewhere with this Buildig across from us with these comic characters and mascots. My mom and I get out, and we check things out. I finish before my mom and go to the car. When I get back in the guy drives off without my mom coming back in. I don't feel good at this point, and he keeps putting his hand on my knees trying to creep up my thighs. I feel so disgusted with him. I put my thighs together tightly and tell him no. I think I had another dream in between this one, but it connects with this dream later. This guy took me to this restaurant and this other guy was setting up a PA system. For some reason I took the mic even though I was using it, and this older guy wanted it because it could do something like mind control. So me and the perverted guy who was hitting on me earlier in the car are trying to keep this microphone away and we even try to sabotage it, while appearing to help him. If I think about the place, it reminds me of a restaurant. It had tons of tables and people. I think I even chatted with some. In the end, we run while leaving the guy with the broken speakers, and I get a call from my mom's boyfriend asking about why I left my mom earlier. I end up giving half truths, saying the guy in the car was a pervert and started hitting on me and drived away, and I ended up jumping out the car to get away. I was embarrassed and didn't want him to know I was with him earlier and even though nothing happened between us, I was still uncomfortable with him. I have another dream in which I'm flying and it's somewhat a lucid dream, but I'm still going along with the dream. So here I am flying and this other guy joins me. I actually think it's the pervert who hit on my in the car from my previous dream. He's bothering me and I try to fly away. Flying is so relaxing, and I end up spinning round and round. A truck ends up crashing because of me though, so I go to the wreckage and start reforming the vehicle to its original state and heal the person to the point nothing is hurt or damaged. The vehicle was carrying something, it was like these huge humanoid creatures that were white but skeleton but not muscular (they didn't have muscle but it like ligaments and stuff, pure white looking) looking. He had a bunch, but I remember seeing three actually get out the vehicle. One was a guy and it was horny and walking after the female one, the female was very annoyed with him. There was another female that was carrying an egg with child. She could see how hot and bothered he was with the other female and it was sad. The police come, and they get just me and the pervert guy alone with them and they ask us to stop harming the city. We apparently damage the city a lot while helping others or doing something we consider fun. This older man who reminds me of frollo from the hunchback of notredame comes and takes some of the skulls housing the humanoid creatures we saw earlier and he is hatching a fowl plan. That's all I remember at this point.