The Horses

Date: 2/12/2017

By jennlovex3

I have no idea exactly what the context was for this dream, but the part that I remember was quite odd. I had been sleeping in my bed on the third floor of the house that we currently rent. It's a huge house, and the landlord occupies the first floor and most of the basement. Anyway, a sound had woken me up, and I went to the window thinking that something was happening outside. There was a fresh snow on the ground, and our landlords son was there plowing it for us around back in the church parking lot where we usually park. The sight was normal at first, until I realized that he was actually driving a carriage led by horses with a gigantic plow, and the sound that had woken me was the obnoxious octave of the horses dragging around this plow. I decided to walk downstairs to investigate further, for some reason. Her son was leading the horses around like a madman, and they were going quite fast for being in such a small area. To paint a better picture; there is a long driveway on the side of the house leading up to the garage at the end. Next to the garage, there is a little fence with an opening that leads into the church parking lot, which is next door to the house. So if you can imagine the horses running up through the driveway then through this small opening and back again whilst the plow clangs around. While I stood outside watching the sight from the back of the house, one of the horses noticed me there and began to freak out. The horse freed itself from the rest and started running straight at me. Terrified, I ran back towards the house and tried to find the first door that I could, which happened to be one that I never noticed. It was blue and actually led into our landlords area of the house. There was a sweeping metal, curved staircase that led upwards to the ceiling and looked over her living room. I ran up the curving staircase and the horse followed me, which I was surprised and again terrified to see. The horse was mad, rearing its head around and stomping up the stairs awkwardly. It lifted its front hooves and was kicking holes in the wall around it as it came up after me. This is all that I remember.