Date: 5/2/2017

By Carolina

we were at something like an indoor waterpark. i realized i has clients coming and asked people to help me clean up our table for a makeshift office. i searched for pants. l tried to give me a secret gift but pretended she was talking about something else when other people came around. i saw my other client who actually looked like a younger version of a previous client. the second client came and her mom had a small bunch of white flowers. her daughter also looked much younger and jumped into the wave pool. i tried to get them to come out of the wave pool but her mother noticed the security guards and pulled us further in. the pool was very crowded and many people were being splashed into us. the security called us to the edge and measures my clients height saying she had to get out of the pull. he had me put two fingers on top of my head and measure my height as well. he kept asking the mother about her id and i got scared. i told them to go sit down and i would get my id. i showed the security guard and started walking towards the table but couldn't see them. i kept walking until i was in a forest near a lake. it was still very crowded. the mother had morphed into a white woman and started to yell at me. she said "what do you mean it's done?!" and we both became frantic as we realized the little girl was lost. i grabbed a young looking worker who had a bad fake tan and blond hair. i yelled at her "are you an adult?!" and hit her in the face, pulling her hair. i fell into another dream where c and i were playing some game and rooting through someone's apartment. we found puzzles and money and took all the money. i started to question what we're doing and c did a line of cocaine. he was bleeding from the nose and was really upset. he was shirtless and i put my arms around him saying "it's going to be ok it's going to be ok" i fell into a new dream. i moved into a new building and i could spy on the neighbors through cracks in the doorway. i found all my old cds and was playing music but couldn't find any pants again. the only pair i could locate where sheer in the butt and a friend and i laughed about it. i through them in the trash.