cannibal lady and TVD

Date: 1/24/2017

By bluefox247

So I don't know what the hell was happening in this dream, it was effed up tbh. At first it was like the TVD characters trying to stop this crazy cannibal lady. The plan was for Elena to lure her in and have like sex with her or something, because that's the only way the cannibal will show her face to anyone, and then Damon or Stefan would go and behead her from behind. They had to be super careful. I remember a wrench, a motorcycle, and we were in a hotel but also a supermarket. But it goes bad and the cannibal ends up eating Elena and she comes back as a ghost and Damon tells her that Stefan died too. And that's all. I dONT know what's wrong with my brain but I think it's cause there was this video in my recommended on YouTube about a real cannibal and that freaked me out 😭 YouTube keeps recommending me things I would never usually watch.