Imaginary Roommate, Vampire Master Gods

Date: 8/10/2017

By Fitful

I was living with someone, I think gave them a place to crash for a while. I noticed a few changes whenever they weren't there. Like additional cereal box in the cupboard. And I introduced them to movies, they didn't know what those were, and on my shelf was only a certain genre of music. I introduced them to that, or they did to me. Anyway, CDs of this genre lined the shelf. It was interesting because I don't recall seeing this person, perhaps they were always at work, or maybe they didn't exist. I think the person was female. ~ I went to work with a guy, a good friend of mine, this older black guy who was like family. I was male as well, tall and fit. The guy, my friend, was scared to death of his employers and reluctant to bring me in but did so anyway. I needed the money, the job, and I said I could handle it. It was just security, and it was easy, stand in a building all day and guard it. Simple. It worked for a short while, but not a few days had passed when something serious went down. My friend grabbed me and told me to get out of the building. He was literally trying to get me out, past the notice of the employers, but it was too late. They did notice him, and me, and suddenly we were in a helicopter or magically somewhere else, transported to a small stone room where it became crystal clear these employers were vampires and not the sparkly bunny eating kind. And it was even more clear that we were slaves, or well my friend was. He couldn't help but do what they said. I followed his lead, I didn't see a choice in fighting it. I became female for a bit - female in body and mindset - as I did this, the dream shifted and I kneeled and then bent forward into a full body bow, head on the ground, and it felt good. Right. Like I was supposed to be doing that, even tho my friend was so scared logically I should be dreading these people taking control of me. But I didn't, instead I embraced the situation. Or tried to. The small stone room soon warped and became this ancient ruin, open to the sun and surrounding nature. I still kneeled in a full bow on the stone but the stone was now lighter in color, covered in runes, and the area was huge. As big as a foot ball stadium, but nothing so fancy as standing stones. Just a huge round stone platform, elaborately detailed in carved runes. And the vampires, they were unlike anything I'd ever seen. Dark mahogany skin in startling contrast with golden hair so gold it was the color of burnt sunlight, like bricks of gold turned to liquid, and eyes the same, and claws of gold. I don't think it was jewelry, it seemed natural extention of their fingers, but the full tip of each finger was a sharp golden claw. A small one was near, a child, each seemed to stand around the platform going about their journey. I and my friend had been brought here, with his parents who also seemed to be mine as if they had adopted me once upon a time, by our employer. The child, seemingly about 7 years of age, female, was heartbreakingly lovely. Her golden hair was very long, and she was curious about me. I stared at her curious too, at her eyes. She poked a claw into her eye and it sank to the hilt before she pulled it out, not seeming to even notice the pain, and them went to poke it into my eye. Familiar with children I decided to distract her. I motioned to her hair, and then to her friend who had come up with her, a curly red-gold haired girl. And showed how their hair differed in length, in the spring of a curl. How the curly hair seemed shorter but was actually longer. Not long after that the sister of the little girl came up to me, an adult angry woman, grabbed me and took me away. I was male again in an instant and she put me in this type of stall where I was tied and she began to torture me. Basically it was a beating with chains and it was serious. I'm not sure I understood why this race was so hostile, but it could have been a slavery thing. To her it seemed personal, as if I been about to hurt her sister. She accused me of a lot while she beat me and the beating was so bad, a hundred lashes with a chained whip thing made of several different lengths of chain. Later I was put on steps with this shocking neon-blue water running down them. As if it were an artifical stream. The water was healing and I lay in it while my friend tended me. The vampire race it seemed, was larger than life like the gods were rumored to be, and unyielding. They also didn't seem to see pain the same way as we did. As they healed so fast pain didn't even seem to phase them. I concluded it must not have been utter cruelty to them to hurt other people. They just didn't understand the culture difference. The rest of the dream I don't recall. I know I was ordered to go somewhere and I decided to escape and run away. There was a bright world with this type of escalator I ran away on. My friend kept trying to get me out, I'm not sure why he was so scared for me, but he seemed a really good one. Trying to help me the whole time, with almost a religious furvor.