Diagnosed with Death

Date: 7/27/2017

By macynicole96

I was in the doctors office, in the waiting room with Layne. I was only there for some sort of a routine check up, but they had run some tests and we were waiting to hear back some results when the doctor came out & told me to come into his office. I gathered all my paperwork and ended up making a big mess of it, while scrambling around trying to hand it to him. He handed me his chart to look over in exchange. We walked into his office with his desk on the left side of me and a couch, set diagonally facing his desk, on the right side. I was trying to read the chart he had handed to me while making my way inside, and ended up running into his old, worn out couch. Two of the seats were filled with disorganized papers. Everything about this dream was clumsy and messy. The doctor asked me if he wanted me to clear off one of those cushions and I told him that the one cleared cushion on the far left of the couch was fine. I sat down and he told me that he was so glad that I had come in today or they wouldn't have caught something very important that was wrong with me. He said that they had discovered that I had a parasite that had infected me while I was river rafting & that it was killing me. One of his assistants appeared in front of his desk, messing with the computer screen. She had fair skin and dark brown hair, and backed up the doctor's diagnosis. The doctor went about to ask me how he could make me more comfortable and so on... Somehow I managed to escape and ended up back home. In my dream, if I hid from my diagnosis then I wouldn't die. I looked out my window to see the sirens of an ambulance coming towards my house. I texted my best friend telling her how scared I was. I walked out of my front door and noticed that the ambulance was here, but no one was coming out of it to get me. I checked my phone and saw that Joy sent me a picture of a headstone in a graveyard and said "you'll remember everything, every sight, every sound, every smell...". I replied with, "is heaven really real?" And awaited her reply when I noticed two headstones behind the ambulance. I leaned down and could almost see inside of the grave somehow, as if they were a tunnel. I tried to smell it, for some reason, and wondered if the grave was empty and if it was mine. Then I got up and noticed the ambulance still there, abandoned, sirens flashing but not making a sound.