The serial killer

Date: 9/28/2019

By KyleeNK

I was trying to do an overnight challenge in he woods so I had set up a campsite and slept in a tent. While i was sitting by the fire I some leaves breaking and heard someone say ‘I’m gonna kill you’. And got scared so I putted out the fire and slowly made my way into my tent trying not to make any noise. When I was in my ten trying not to freak out I heard more noises and the guy was sliding a knife against my tent,cut open the door and yelled,’here’s JOHNY!’ And killed me. I was at home hanging out in my parents room while they were having a party and was trying to master moving things with my mind. After a couple hours I was able to open and close their door with my mind every time but when I tried to do it with something else, I couldn’t move anything else. My mom picked me up from school and told we were going camping with some friends for the weekend and drove straight there after school.