Time travelled back to my childhood

Date: 2/4/2019

By AirKraken

First of all this dream left me feeling emotional. I felt very sad and happy at the same time. What’s crazy about this dream is i can link some words and phrases i said to my brother while awake before falling asleep. My brother Justin, is always coming up with crazy ideas all the time, so i decided to mock him saying, “hey, why don’t we build a time machine and rewind 15 years!” I distinctly remember saying this while still awake. And behold, i fell asleep to dream about rewinding roughly 15 years!!! Except i was the only one who kept my current age while going back in time. Everyone else around me rewinded. I also maintained the knowledge i have in 2019 rewinding back to the 2000’s. Also my mom (in the dream) knew it was me! And she knew i travelled back in time! She was younger, everyone else around me was their younger self! And they all recognized me! I *should* be about 5 years old at this time. The dream started off really cool and awesome at first. My younger parents were showing me around my childhood home and basically asking me how’s life been for me and what’s my life like in the future. Then i see my older brother hanging out in the living room (my other 2 brothers are irrelevant in this dream). Before i get into this, i have to mention my older brother was very mean and abusive to me at this time. He use to pick on me and wrestle me and i cried a lot and hated it. So there i was, my grown and much bigger self. And there he was in his child form. My dad kind of disappeared and my mom covered her eyes as if she knew what was going to happen. I remember so much anger and frustration flowing through my body. He was looking at me with a blank face. Sure enough, i reached out, grabbed him by the neck and choke slammed him onto the floor. He was hurt. Nearly crying. Then I got him in a head lock, his feet off the ground and i started swinging him around as if to break his neck. He began crying. I was still furious because of all the horrible memories i have of him torturing me. His crying bothered me none. I picked him up over my shoulders, spun him around and slammed him on the floor again. He was crying hysterically. He was calling out to our mom. My mom insists that’s enough. I kicked him in the stomach. My mom pushed me and said stop it! I walked away. As i cooled down i went to explore the house again by myself and my brain just kept getting flooded with memories. Feeling much better, i began to remember all the good times my older brother and i had too. I felt bad about what i did. A wave of sadness and sorrow crashed over me. I went to go find little Richard (my older brother). He was still there in the living room crying a little. I tried apologizing and comforting him. For some reason, I was in my type III uniform now (I’m in the Navy). He was curled up, still resisting me a bit. He then decided to look at my uniform. He reached out and pointed at my sternum area (where my rank insignia is) and he asked me what’s that? I told him that’s my rank. He said it’s cool. He asked if i can take him for a ride on my back. So i did it. He was all cheered up and laughing as i gave him a piggy back ride out in the backyard. I remember my mom standing out on the porch, watching us and smiling. As we tired ourselves out, we went back inside to the living room. I plopped him onto the sofa. It almost felt like he was my own kid. He looked up at me a bit tired. He asked me, Mikey (me) how did you grow up so fast. I told him I time travelled from the year 2019. And he was super fascinated. I told him i know who’s going to win the super bowl every year until 2019. And he began to grow curious. And there it was. The question that left me dumbfounded. He asked me, does my real dad ever come back to see me in the future. I went silent. I was so confused and unprepared how to answer his question. Realizing that the absence of his real dad all his life may have contributed to his questionable behaviors when we were kids. I never answered his question. Instead, I just reached out and gave him a big hug, cried a little and held him until he fell asleep. I felt so many emotions running through me in this dream. There were other instances I vaguely remember in this dream but these were the biggest takeaways and highlights that remained vivid. This was one of those dreams I didn’t want to wake up from even though i felt sad. Mostly because i felt that there was so much more my grown self could have done and explored in my childhood and i felt restricted as i was gradually waking up. This dream was very deep and meaningful to me. It hit me on all emotional cylinders. It was such an awesome dream.