Date: 2/5/2017

By bear

Last night I dreamt that I was in a beautiful place. It was a backyard the size of a park that had been specially designed for my family. It had a lake and a playground and lots of grass. The place was so special I knew I could control it without specifically knowing it was a dream. So, I told showed satori that I could make something appear. I called my old dog Stacey and she came running. We threw the ball for her a couple times and then a man walked by and I ran up to him asking who he was and why he was there. He said Doug. As I looked dim to his face I was filled with fear. He walked into the lake. I woke up frightened and fell right back into an extension of that dream. I was living with family. A woman who was my mom at first and then changed to my grandma. My little room was haunted and the ghost was already doing things to freak me out. My mom we 'dating' Doug. But I knew that he had fired her, raped her and sage looked very sick. I was cold towards him, I thought that if he had the chance he would do the same to me. At one point I think I did something to run away from the house. In another little dream I was getting ready to go back to somewhere with a group of people.we were taking two cars because we were going two different directions. I took one of my bags out of the other car, I remembered my mom had put it in there when she dropped me off. There was barely any room for the passengers to sit with all the bags. While we waited to leave I passed the person who was waiting to leave with me a piece of pizza.