Birthday cake for Sheila

Date: 4/11/2024

By Purple

In my dream, I was on my lunch break from work. (In real life, this is a job I actually start on Monday, God willing…but I am still waiting for that offer letter that was promised to be emailed in the morning. It’s almost 1 pm and I haven’t heard from them yet. I guess this dream reveals my anxiety.) I was in a supermarket similar to a Publix. I was in the bakery section, which seemed to be off to the side of the rest of the market. I was grateful to find a gluten free dessert for me. When the staff prepared the dessert, they cracked two eggs and put them on top of my dessert. I asked if it was safe to eat, and was told it’s still safe. After the staff cracked the eggs, they appeared to look still like eggs, but were actually an egg-looking mold made with white and yellow sweet cream. Cool optical illusion. This dream was the morning after her actual birthday. I wanted to buy a dessert to mail to Sheila. But she’s 1,000 miles away. My brain kept debating whether or not to send this to her. I finally decided to, but was also acutely aware that my lunch break was slipping away. I kept going back and forth with the staff and the dessert choices (pie, cake, something else?). There was a sign reminding customers of the choice of freshness and day old dessert versus items baked today. If only I can taste them for myself, but my gluten free restrictions kept me from tasting samples. I finally made up my mind and started to think about shipping, using ice that won’t melt. Lunch break was nearly over and I was afraid of coming back late to the new job and the repercussions I’d face. Dream ends in angst.