Down the rabbit hole... to Never Land?

Date: 2/21/2017

By kidneypunch

Dream 2: It started off as me at this christmas party and how i was helping my mother cook or something. (Alissas family was there) as i was cooking, i noticed something strange outside about a tree and went to check it out. As i did, i started noticing that the trees were changing as well as the surrounding areas. Suddenly i noticed that my house was gone and that i was in a strange forest. (The trees were growing at odd angles and seemed to be growing off one another. Suddenly i heard this commotion behind me and found this yetty/big foot like creature charging at me. I started running when i noticed this tree that seemed to have a large opening in it. I ran for it, to hide when i fell through it (i thought about alice n wonderland in the dream) as i was going down (as if going through the root and using the structure to slowly make my way down) i had this old man talking to me asking me questions and i noticed weird markings on the tree. When i came out i was with this guy and he was explaining to me about the thing that attacked me before i went into the tree. I followed him, and found he was a pirate on a boat and they allowed me to join them. As we were sailing. They told me where we were heading and talking about an adventure of some kind. They showed me on this map this city they were going to sail over and i pointed on the map how there was this weird cuthulth (whatever) creature in the way. They said it wasn't a problem and started directing the boat into the city. As we did, suddenly the creature was attacking the city. The captain suddenly yelled for this guy to put me into one of the safe places (can't remember what they're called.) he took me there as this large door started closing and i remember watching the creature get closer. Suddenly the machine that was hiding us made this weird whale sound and i realized that it was alive. But then the creature attacking the city grabbed me and suddenly the crew was on a rescue mission.With the captain keeping the doors open so that his crew could get out and help. Then i woke.