Date: 8/22/2019

By maryp85

I and my boyfriend were living with my mom and brother. We were in the room when my brother came in I asked him to pick up his towel off our floor and he said:” mom is going to charge you more every time you are mean to me.” I walk into my mom's room and asked her if it's true she said yes and shrugged her shoulders when I said it wasn't fair so I said we're moving and aren't paying anything extra. Next day I find a lot of boxes in our room, I walked into her room and said you're really doing this to me after everything, everything I did for you after everything I gave up for you she replied with an eye roll and shrug. I started walking into my room and laid down on the bed with my eyes closed and arms on my face. My mom came in and sat next to me and laid a pillow on me and tried to push it in my face saying if u have a child they will only be evil, I started crying saying I won't have children just stop, that's when I woke up.