idk its weird

Date: 6/15/2017

By Juckles

I went to the store with mom, there was a weird person who had a child. We bought food and salmon, then i was at a place and they had a party in the bath room. Then i was at the mall then there was a old black women make me out to be some great person and making fun of her husband then i saw some friends who could be trouble makers the twins then another one who was nice i got him his car keys. then i went to the parking lot of the mall than i go to walk back into the mall and i almost walk into a car. Then i walk by a lemozeen and i hear the people in it for some reason i don't like them. I found some red necks we went camping (i never got back into the mall) and when we got to the camp site we made a hole bunch of rules and agreements then i woke up.