Saving the day with Mayo

Date: 8/3/2017

By Ivyveil

Some boys and I were hiking. We came across this lake, in which a big house was in the middle. The boys wanted to explore. So we had to hop across slippery stones and floating mats to get there. We didn't want to get in the water though(sea monster? ). The house was supposedly haunted. The boys wanted to spend the night there. I slipped on the first rock and right into the water. Believe me, I have never moved as fast as I did getting out of that water. Already scared, I continued jumping. I jumped into a mat, which consequently drifted out into the water. The boys helped get me back and we eventually made it. We cautiously opened the door and stepped in. We were looking around by the light of our flashlights. Some people went into the kitchen, but I stayed in the main entry. Then some crazy evil monster came at us. It was small but very vicious. It was like an evil brown furry version of Charjabug from Pokémon. We screamed and ran for the stairs. The bottom one was stone, the rest were wood. There was a chandelier above the stairs. The creature bit at my legs and backpack (we all had backpacks). The boys pulled me up the stairs as the thing waited helplessly at the bottom. I crab climbed up them. We reached the top and started to explore. I was in some bedroom when a glowing ball of light came after me. I screamed and found the others and told them about the ghost. They said we had to escape before it returned. No such luck. We were on our way towards the stairs when it appeared in front of us. We screamed and turned around, running. I was told by some voice that the key to defeat him was in the computer lab. I ran in, past a bottle of mayonnaise that sat on the keyboard. He ambushed me in the back of the room. And ran towards the door. Before he could catch me, I squeezed the bottle as hard as I could. It splattered everywhere but it worked. The ghost screamed in sparks of electricity. I ran for it. The boys and I sprinted down the stairs. The creature was gone as we entered the main entry. The ghost appeared and we were thrown to the ground. I saw the mayonnaise and squeezed it enough that the ghost popped out of existence. We ran to the right to the boat dock. It was basically just a big hole in the wall. We looked out in the water not knowing how to get back when colour coded ducks appeared. We hopped on and they swam us to shore. I laughed and said that I would beat the boys to shore. I did. I was so relieved to have made it back.