Date: 3/20/2019

By Imetaphor

I have a scab on my scrotum and a bruise on one of my balls caused by having blue balls. I worry it will get infected and be permanent. Dani sees it. I'm driving my brothers to a party and we're late. I call the host and make sure we're good to arrive an hour later, but by the time we get there, we're around 2 hours late. My younger bro left the party at our house and went to another party around the block without telling us. I get home and learn this from my parents. My mom has finished my laundry for me, 2 baskets. I take them to my room and change my pants. We finally make it to the party and it's actually an all-day pickup frisbee and baseball tournament. I think I've been there since the morning time. One sunburned school age boy complains to his brother that he needed the glove that he borrowed. The brother defends himself, "But I had early recess at 10:30..." So he couldn't return the glove. Back home we're ready to harvest fruit. Some of the oranges look ready but bugs have gotten to them. The indoor tomato plants are huge. One tomato is bigger than my pillow and almost as big as me. It's not the healthiest looking. I can see seeds on the surface, the underside is white, it feels filmy like a bag. I pick it. My mom asks me to check it. It turns out it is a bag. A laundry or dry cleaning bag. I open up the ziplock bag inside. The receipt says "Shaved Wet Pussy Cats" but the bag is empty. I recognize the innuendo. Later in the dream, I look again in the bag and find them in a tiny box. The three tiny figurine sized cats survived.