The metal rollercoaster thing

Date: 9/26/2019

By Rosey_dreamer

Me and my friend went to this place and it had this massive metal thing in it. My friend told me it was a ride and that we should go on it. She sad on a metal chair connected to the rollercoaster and she had a yo yo in her hand. There was a little slot thing in front of her and she reached out and put the yo yo in there. She held on to the yo yo and then off she went. The yo yo string came out and she was holding on to it. At the end of the ride she encouraged me to do it so I did. I sat in the chair and out a yo yo in the slot and then I went off. But for some reason in the dream my pants started to slowly fall down (weird). I quickly pulled them up and finished the ride. After that me and my friend went into another room that was really bright and we started eating chips.