Snake dog with worms

Date: 3/25/2019

By snails

Dream started me at CCA in my old music teachers class talking to her about life and what it’s like being an adult I guess? Boring. Then it changed to at little boy living in huge mansion. Language being spoken was Russian. Turns out I’m the little boy and I’m about 8 years old. I think I am the son of the woman servant because they all treat me like shit. The daughter of the man who owned the castle was my best friend. I found a snake outside that I wanted to show her. Brought it inside and got in trouble. Her father (who was my IRL dad Richard) found us playing with it and I got the shit beat out of me and told it was my job to kill the snake by poisoning it and then cutting it in half. I couldn’t do it. I pretended I was going to do it and went outside with the poison on my finger but then ran away. The snow was so deep that I thought I would get caught and beaten again but I made it to the street anyway. The girl was there too and I saw her walking away from the house. When I caught up to her she said she was running away from home because her dad was mean. I showed her the snake and she got so excited. We decided to run away together. Two other girls my age joined us. But as soon as we stepped onto the road to walk to the bus stop the other two girls started to doubt me. They said that I was worthless and the son of a slave so why should they follow me? All I have is a stupid snake and no family. My mother won’t even notice when I’m gone. I continued to run away. Didn’t catch the bus but walked through the rain and snow. I slept on the street and didn’t have any blankets or anything but my snake. The snake died in the night and I woke up and saw it got stepped on by someone walking across the the sidewalk. I fell asleep again. This continues for a long time until I feel how skinny I am. My bones are kind of poking out. I think I pass out on the street. When I woke up I was in some sort of poor factory where they raised and killed chickens like for food. Seeing the chickens get abused was really unsettling and extremely vivid for some reason? I walked away from that area of the factory/farm and tried to ignore the people yelling in Russian all over the place. I came to a place with a lady who had lots of little brown and black fluffy puppies. I just wanted to look at them but she said “Here for gift? Present?” And I pointed at the black puppy and she said “Do you have gun?” And I said “no. Why? To protect the dog?” And she said “yes. Expensive.” And I said “I don’t have a gun.” And she said “here.” And reaches underneath the thing that the puppies were playing on and pulled out a really really skinny white puppy that looked really sick. She handed it to me and said “Free.” And I had this weird dream feeling that I had had this dream before. I know that the puppy has worms and a lung infection so she will die. I take the puppy anyway. She’s white and her eyes are blue and my favorite color is blue so I name her Mar. I’m trying to sneak through the pet store and find something to steal to fix her worms but every child in the store laughs at me because I’m unwashed and skinny. Someone says “Look at him. He’s trying to climb behind the bleacher but he doesn’t know he can’t. What a Fucking idiot.” Mar doesn’t like being on the stairs so she’s kind of freaking out. I look at her back and see tiny worms squiggling underneath her skin. I woke up