Lucid dream (a not very impressive one)

Date: 5/18/2017

By beesrcooldudes

So some random stuff happened and I guess I always somewhat know that I'm dreaming in dreams?? Usually it's not enough for me to consider it a lucid dream though. In this dream it was starting to become a nightmare so my first instinct was to wake myself up like usual. This time instead of doing that I was like "oh shit I could attempt to control this." It didn't go exactly to plan. I tried to get the dude trying to kill me to stop but he didn't really care about me shouting commands at him. Then I explained to him that he was a figment of my imagination and it was good. Now I wanted to try to control things. I was in my grandmas house which I thought was too boring so I tried to get my grandma to being me somewhere but she wouldn't. Then i went to get my phone to call a friend but it wasn't really my phone?¿ it was flat and weird and when I dropped it, it turned into a newspaper. I just started to try to move random things in the house without touching them. I managed to move a paper towel roll towards my hand but that's about it. After that was when I actually dropped the phone and it turned into newspaper. A bunch of newspaper clippings were neatly laid out on the floor somehow. I went to look at them but I started to wake up. I tried to stop it but it didn't really work. Turns out I only dreamed about myself waking up then actually woke up. That happened to me in another dream I posted on here except in that one i "woke up" when I realized it was a dream and more stuff happened after that.