exploring some land and dungeons, riding an underground train that was also a time machine

Date: 7/22/2017

By Nev232

me and my friends from middle school were at some train station that looked like it was a BioShock infinite location. the train seemed to take me and my friends to a different moment on the timeline and to a different place. the destination looked like it was lord of the rings or something. where the train stopped there were some dungeons and they were connected to the initial train station. the train stopped on the surface, but the dungeons could only be accessed by going trough a cave. there was also a place in the dungeons called "chinese legend" that was the closest to the initial train station. it was a room with what i think was some clothing machine. exploring the dungeons felt like playing skyrim, because when i entered the "chinese legend" i saw like a sign saying "discovered: chinese legend". I didn't want to enter that place, because it was full of some chemical fog.