Winter Surprises

Date: 7/28/2019

By CocoFuze

I am at the store with my mom, walking around as she and my brother shop. I was helping them and having a conversation with my mom. I was wearing this comfortable pajama outfit. I suddenly pose, my left hand on my hip, me tilted right a bit, with my right hand making a thumbs up. Then my husband, South Korean, and 3 kids show up. We disappear in a room in the back with our kids and start talking about Christmas. "Hey, baby," I say as I kiss him. "We telling mom that we're all going to Seoul for Christmas? " my husband asks. "Yes," I reply, "I wonder how mom is going to respond to hearing the news that everyone is invited." "I wonder how I'm going to tell everyone I'm pregnant, " I wonder out loud." "We should tell them today," my husband says. I ponder this as we go back out into the main part of the store, my 3 kids rowdy. I qujet them. I begin to prepare to tell my family the news of my pregnancy as I help them shop. By this time, my dad and sister have joined us. I tell everyone that I am pregnant and my mom stops me from helping them too much. My husband and I start shopping for the baby, which somehow we knew was a boy. I had 2 girls and a boy