Almost forgot - Spontaneous effortless lucidity. Being driven, emotional flooding

Date: 6/4/2017

By TheNagual

I woke up spontaneously, then fell back asleep and was instantly fabricated into the dream state with a continuum of awareness. Already lucid in the state, I thought to perform a reality check on my hand for practice. The two freckles on my hand slowly moved away from each other. I felt so naturally present here that I did not feel a need to seek, question, or engage in any sort of meaning. I was effortlessly lucid out in my hometown on a sunny, green, warm day. I could feel the dream collapsing some and I let it happen. Victoria was driving me around, I was in the backseat at one point. It was dark out and we went over the railroad tracks by the barn house. There was something she had and gave me, black rocks? I told her I already had what she gave me, and that I didn't want or need more, there purpose had already been served. Outside by the old elementary school grounds, two larger women I recognize seem depressed because I was not giving them attention or deciding. A strange, larger women slowly got flooded by rising waters; she did not know how to swim.