Bossy People and Awesome Video Games

Date: 5/29/2017

By LionFoot65

I'm playing water polo 🤽‍♂️ again and Mark Devine (a highly respected retired Navy SEAL) is one of my coaches and I don't like him because he reminds me of how my dad tells me I should do shit as if I really really should and I'm pretty sure real warriors are a lot more subtle in the way that they teach. Me and my brother get up early in the morning to not go to water polo because I realize in my dream that I don't even play water polo 🤽‍♂️ anymore but for some reason I don't become lucid lol. I also remember looking at my dick in the mirror and notice that it's bigger and longer lol. After that we decide to eat some delicious cereal then customize our space ship so that we can fly somewhere together. When we get done with it, we visit our black friend who is super into Chinese shit that he even has those small shoes that women used to wear from foot binding. I was like "I feel you with the oriental shit but I think you're taking it a bit too far." Next Scene: I'm playing this video game for some reason and I'm using this dark mage character along with female mage I thing with this big viking barbarian guy to combat evil. After that I think I somehow go inside the video game and start fighting with different superpowers although I'm still relatively weak so a team up with the character Orichimaru and his girl (who I think is beautiful) and we go on this mission. During the mission Orichimaru leaves for some reason and me and his girl suddenly find ourselves in a sticky situation where there are a lot of enemies and even with her tentacle powers she still can't take them all so I decide to win her respect by being smart enough to jump in the middle to shoot enough flames and smoke from my mouth to blind and burn our enemies. Next Scene: I'm with my brother and my cousins and I think they start to not like me as I'm passionately and excitedly talking about meditating and it's benefits and it might be because they think it's some hippie dippie shit but I don't feel ashamed at all because they'll see my results soon enough. I go upstairs and then my older cousin starts asking me where my weed pipe is so he can throw it away and I feel like it's getting pretty fucking annoying so I tell him to leave because it isn't any of his business. (Which also reminds me of my dad) After that I go to my room and we're cool after that and I also see that his friends brought this really cool zombies game so I start playing and I notice how high definition it is which I think is really cool. After that I stop playing and I start talking to my cousin's friend who is this guy made of this shadow ghost stuff and we start talking about dreams and how one time he was proud of something he did but this other shadow guy sarcastically told him "Niiicce" 😂