Love and marriage

Date: 6/8/2019

By Tree3

Suddenly I was connecting very deeply and it was suddenly clear to both of us: I didn’t want to fall in love and he didn’t want to marry. I wasn’t sure I wanted to marry, but I surely didn’t want a preset attitude against it. Besides, the quality of our connection made it clear I was in love-and so was he. It had been such a long time since feeling true love-it felt like a blissful reunion. I was finally back. And finally, we were reunited. And suddenly I was in a large ballroom, during the middle of a grand, festive and very formal celebration. And his family was in a long reception line receiving their guests. There were about 30 people standing in this long line in the center of the room. I could see each person clearly as they stood shoulder to shoulder, tall and straight. I didn’t see any other guests around, so I was able to walk right up to the person standing at the top of the line to greet them. I don’t have a memory of hugging each person individually. But it seemed that I did. I only remember hugging a few and Seemed to know all of them, and they seemed familiar to me in the dream. Each embrace held great mutual respect and caring. I approach his mother who is standing midway down the line, dressed in exquisite splendor wearing a stunning, sequined, long ball gown. We embrace in a tender, loving hug. We remained embraced for a very long time. Now add more time to that. We both had tears in our eyes as we gently pulled away from our embrace. Suddenly the reception line disappeared and my true love was standing in front of me with an affectionate expression. I was handed a plastic skull I could hold in the palm of my hand. It was made of golden metal and was heavy. It was held together by many interlocking pieces, like a puzzle skull. As I was running my fingers over the top of the head, admiring its complexity, a piece on the top of the head of the skull started to come loose from the rest of the skull. I felt alarmed as a few more pieces started to come off. That is when I was told it was like a tarot card reading and each piece had a specific and unique message for me. Everyone was there and someone was laying out the various pieces in the order they had come off from the skull. The first piece of paper was handed to me wirh the expectation that I read it aloud. I read the message which said, “ You have problems you are trying to work out.” After reading it I felt both relieved and proud. I knew having this sort of banal message meant that deep down inside I was a good person. I was trying to confirm the order of the messages was important, when suddenly I learned that there was no order of importance to the pieces that fell off. I awoke.