the man who kidnaps me

Date: 1/26/2017

By karimegonzaleza_

Every now and then I dream about me being outside an airport getting our things out of the car, then my family leave while I was still getting my things out when this man comes up to me and tells me I need to go with him. Since I've dreamed about it many times apparently in every dream I act differently and I know he will kidnap me already for some weird reason. I tell him I would but I needed to go to the restroom first. I go inside the airport and he waits outside, I didn't go to the restroom instead I would go look for a back door or something like that but never found one. After looking for so long I see him walk in and I immediately go inside the closet in the restroom hoping he wouldn't go in, but he did. As he goes in the restrooms I get out of the closet and run out to my family's car. I get in the car and tell them to go and as the car goes I see him get out the airport and see me inside the car. In other dreams he has kidnap me and I fear that man. I fear something similar happens. What's even scariest is that sometimes in other dreams he is there. I see this man over and over again in the back..