Space Warriors

Date: 4/20/2017

By estherolo

I had a dream were I was on some kind of pretend battlefield and everyone had super powers and it kinda looked like we were on mars. It felt like we were at some kind of school and we were training to become warriors. Anyways I was competing with this other girl and she was beating me for a while but then I made a tremendous comeback and she got butt hurt (I should mention that my whole dream looked like an A class movie). So after I gave her the ol' razzle dazzle she flew away into the sky. No one else knew were she was going and I guess we didnt really care that much. But then my dream switches to the other girls POV. Anyways I think she flew to another planet or something? She was at some abandoned gas station and I guess she couldn't control her powers bcs she was so angry? So then a black cloud/hole started forming next to her. While that was happening she tried to call someone but I dont know who. But then over in the horizon she saw this big crowd of people coming over and she thought they must of been civilians who saw her cloud/hole and were amazed. She didnt know what to do because we're not supposed to expose our identities to civilians. So she just kinda stood there and tried to come up with lies she could tell them (she was still in her training gear BTW. She looked low key bad ass). Okay but as the crowd kept getting closer she saw a women in front who looked high key bad ass and was wearing superhero stuff too (like Wonder women but not). Anyways the lady walked up to her and I dont remember what she said but I guess it was something like "Hey I can help you harness your powers and be super strong." So then the lady took her up to her spaceship (it looked like a dark purple ice cream cone with lava cracks). And she led her down some secret hallway and towards some door and one of the lady's servants (?) that was following us was like "you're showing her the room already? I didn't get to see the room until..." (I forgot the rest). So then the girl and the lady went into the room and you could see space bcs the entire room was glass and there was a small table of food. And I think good was a bug deal for them bcs the lady made some big ceremony for just putting the syrup on the pancakes (It was all breakfast food). And then the lady started talking to her and was like "here you will become the most powerful you can become. Here push some buttons." So she did and it blew up a small bomb that was in the room and she almost got hurt except the lady told her that the way to protect yourself from bombs was to turn your back to it and curl up in a ball and it worked. So I guess that was the beginning of her training. Anyways then they started eating but the girl wanting to play with the bombs some more and she hit the button that said "blow up all the bombs" and then like 40 bombs went off. Some were small and some were big. Most of there were outside the spaceship and in actual space. Anyways it was crazy lol things were blowing up everywhere but everyone did the curling thing and they were all safe. When. everything died down everyone was mad at her and were like "look what you did!" So then she looked outside and there was no space?? it was just white. like a white abyss. Anyways but then things like blacked out and all of a sudden I was in my kitchen and there was like some sort of control panel and I pressed the redo button and everything went to normal. So apparently the whole thing was just me playing a video game ??