T-Rex at Cabildo St.

Date: 2/21/2017

By jmprodanov-97

This was quite a lucid dream, and a multi-one was well. It all started with my mother and I walking towards our home from 2700 Cabildo St (Buenos Aires City). Out of nowhere a T-rex runs amok stomping over people, and heading straight at us. We ran and dove into a dark neighborhood. The T-Rex still followed us, as if it had some kind of interest in both my mum and I. We thought we lost it. We hid in some sort of lab's backyard, to no avail. The T-Rex somehow found us, only that at this point my mother was a gorilla and I was a zebra. -Now this is when the dream becomes a lucid one, for I decided to exit from it (like when you quit a computer game)- Then I am running in a zone nearby. In Las Cañitas Neighborhood. I am a human again, now looking for my gymnastics teacher, Candy. So now is when I see a horrifying clown. Teeth as sharp as saws. Pitch-black eyes. Then I woke up.