Bridge traveling

Date: 4/4/2019

By flyingfish45

I was on vacation with my family to some city. The first thing I remember was being in some kind of restoraunt that looked like it was in some mall. I was there with my brother and then I left with my mom over a bridge to a bigger city. When we got over I remember I did something but not what I did. We then went back to the hotel but I had forgotten something. When I got to the city there was a group of attractive women about the same age as me that I continuously ran into. At some point I came back but on the way back I went into a house in the middle of the country where I wanted to hang out with someone. This person was inferred to be a girl. At one point their father came out of the next room playing a game boy and bringing their pet tiger in. I felt nervous and they said something around "don't worry". I quickly left to the next room which had a bed in the corner. I think my siblings were in the room. There was also a window that showed the dark cloudy outdoors. Everybody from the previous room then came in with the tiger and began talking normally. The tiger began playing with someone like a normal house cat by rolling around and biting and someone's ankles. Their body language was what was expected of someone playing but when you looked at there face you could tell they were hiding their terror.